How to do a free background music download

Free background music can be defined as the music which is specifically created to enhance the mood and heighten the effect of any visual scene and audio medium which you are watching or listening on any medium. The visual and the audio mediums can include the televisions, films, computers, video, radio and any other mediums. The […]

What Is Production Music Licensing?

Over the course of the last few years, production music has become a big necessity within the film and television industry. Music is used in films and TV shows just as much as it’s used in adverts and many other outlets on TV and the screen but often, production companies don’t have a big budget […]

Is Reading Music a Necessary Skill for a Guitar Player?

Millions play the guitar and love to play the guitar but, for many newcomers, they aren’t sure if they need to be able to read music. You can’t blame people for being unsure over knowing how to read music because you wouldn’t think you need to as long as you know how to play. However, […]

Five New Ways Music Labels Can Capitalize on the Digital Revolution

Have you thought about how music and the digital revolution can work together? Despite what you might believe, the digital revolution has set off a chain of events that has totally changed the way we all see music and it’s ideal to say the least. However, can the online world really help music labels? That’s […]